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Check out the following gallery to get a few examples of different monument signs and then let us help you figure out what's best for your business!


2014-02-05 09.45.18.jpg


Sometimes by adding a new and different shape to an existing structure, the feel of the sign can be completely changed. In this case, we added a circular face to the refurbished existing cabinet, and the result was a different look that's more in tune with the Luna Red brand.


This is a smart option for a monument sign for tenants who don't need nighttime advertising. This monument in Templeton is constructed of a double sided aluminum cabinet. The individual sign panels are shaped metal, can be changed out easily and give each tenant great exposure.


Sandblasted HDU faces are extremely popular because of their unique 3D look. HDU can be made to look like wood, as in this example, or can simulate the look of concrete. Add posts that match and you have one eye catching monument!



Monuments can also look great with simple, flat signs. Add a nice pair of posts and even decorative post caps and this sign serves the same professional, permanent purpose.

Site Sign.jpg


This is an example of a monument with multiple tenants that is lit internally, utilizing push through acrylic letters and panels. That means the aluminum face does not light up, but the individual letters and panels do, keeping the city happy.



We often work with monument structures that were provided by the original builder, but we're also called on to provide both the structure and the signage. This example shows flat cut acrylic added to the structure. It's a nice option to give your monument some depth.


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