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Check out the following gallery to get a few examples of different wayfinding signs and then let us help you figure out what's best for your business!


2014-02-05 09.45.18.jpg


We offer stock ADA signage in the typical colors but some projects require custom signs. JW Design had us make these beautiful brushed silver and black ADA signs for a new building and we think they look fantastic.


This is part of a fully integrated ADA compliant signage system on a medical campus. The system incorporates tactile (raised) letter signage with Braille interpretation as well as flat signs. All are color coded and meet ADA requirements for contrast, font size and sign location.


Getting from point A to point B can be tricky enough, even if you’re not physically or visually challenged. This monument like example at Sycamore Court looks clean and professional while still serving it’s primary function of directing and informing the public on where each business is located.



This is a double sided freestanding sign system that uses colors and arrows to show the public how to get to each area. This is a great solution if you have a lobby or large common where wayfinding signs would be utilized.

Site Sign.jpg


Hanging directional signs work great, especially down hallways! They can be double sided and hang like shown, or they can be installed perpendicular to walls. Either way, your clients will know exactly where to look if they get lost.



Directory signs can be interior or exterior and work wonders when it comes to letting the public know which way to go. There are many color combinations to choose from and the sizes are endless.


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